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How can I get muscle

How can i get muscle

How can I get muscle

Most of the guys go to the gym with the aim: “how can I get muscle.” Some will engage a personal trainer and ask: “how can I get muscle”. The aim to build a muscular body has become a popular trend for most guys and also to ladies. Not to become bulky and massive, but, to most people, to have a well-toned, lean and fit look. So the question:” how can I get muscle.” is a very commonly asked question for gym goers.

So, let’s now answer the question of: “how can I gain muscle?” There are three types of muscle in your body, cardiac muscle: the muscle of the heart that pumps it, smooth muscle: the muscle located in the walls of hollow internal structures, such as blood vessels and intestines, and *skeletal muscle: which are attached to the bones, and contracts to cause motion. Building skeletal muscle is what we are looking at here, in order to have a well-toned and muscular body.

Below is the list of some exercises for the different major body parts, which can help you to attain a muscularly balanced and well-toned body. These exercises are highly recommended to be performed with a set of resistance bands with different resistance, and to be performed to fatigue under 8 to 15 repetitions of the action, so choose the correct resistance band to optimize the workout. Breathing technique is very important when performing these exercises; exhale when exerting, inhale when release.


How can I get muscle on my shoulder?

- Shoulder Press using resistance bands

- Shoulder rotation using resistance bands

- Deltoid lateral flys using resistance bands

- Deltoid frontal raise using resistance bands

- Reverse Deltoid Flys using resistance bands

How can I get muscle on my chest?

- Resistance bands Chest Press

- Bodyweight push ups

- Resistance bands Incline chest flys

- Resistance bands Decline chest flys

How can I get muscle on my back?

- Resistance Bands kneeling Lat pull down

- Resistance bands seated rows

- TRX rows

- Inclined chin ups (Regression)

- Bodyweight chin ups (Progression)

How can I get muscle on my abdomen?

- Abdominal crunches

- Wall crunches

- TRX knees to Chest

- Resisted Crunches using resistance bands

How can I get muscle on my arms?

- Biceps curl using resistance bands

- Triceps push down using resistance bands

- Triceps extension using resistance bands

- Hammer Curl using resistance bands

How can I get muscle on my thighs?

- Bodyweight Squats/ Resisted bodyweight squats

- Bodyweight Lunges/ Resisted Lunges

- Sumo Squats/ Resisted Sumo Squats

- Alternate leg raise

- Alternate leg adduction

-Alternate Leg abduction

How can I get muscle on my calves?

- Bodyweight heel flexion

- Resisted Bodyweight heel flexion using resistance bands

How can I get muscle on my hips and buttocks?

- Bridge

- One legged Bridge

- Resisted Deadlift using resistance bands/ barbells

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