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Burn Fats at POWER BURN

Burn Fats at Power Burn   Power Burn is for people who wants to burn fats fast while making training enjoyable. Imagining those powerful movements in sync with our in-house mixes of high energy music, burn fats now in a more enjoyable way! Throw away those ”long-cardio” concepts that robs away (more…)

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Strength Training at CRAFT

 . . Strength Training  Fitness Class – Craft . . ….. In this category of JA Bodyworks Fitness Classes, you can find all strength training routine targeted on specific muscle groups, from compound exercises to isolation exercises to ensure maximum growth in your lean muscle tissues. All (more…)

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Yin Yang Yoga

Yin Yang Yoga   . ….. Yin Yang Yoga may appear to be a new era of Yoga but it is actually in most yoga teachings but most practitioners perform Yin Yang Yoga in a separate way. Most people familiar with yoga are familiar with yang yoga, (more…)

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