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All of our personal trainers at JA Bodyworks function as a team to bring you the best results. You aren’t just working with a personal trainer. You are also working with our in-house nutritionists and chiropractors that will provide you with a consistent and effective training programme.

Personal training isn’t just about having someone there for you in the gym. It’s about having a guide that can develop a comprehensive fitness plan that includes helping with your diet, lifestyle and existing conditions to ensure success.
Our trainers recognize that every client is an individual, and every individual has their own needs.
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Free Fitness Assessment

Personal Training



Whether your goal is towards weight lost or even rehabilitation and sports-specific training, we have the expertise for your needs. JA Bodyworks personal training team are not like any individual fitness expert who claims to know everything under the sun with training prescription based on merely folklore. Our team of fitness professional comes from different area of fitness, from kids’ fitness specialist to physiotherapy and even sports rehabilitation and many more.

Our goal, is to motivate and move every single individual towards their fitness goals and also, providing knowledge and skills for independent training. 




JA Bodyworks Personal Training Package

Price Structure

Price Total($) $352 $660 $1232 $493 $924 $1725
Sessions 4 8 16 4 8 16
Price Per Session $88 $82.50 $77 $123.25 $115.50 $107.80
Health Assessment* FREE(1) FREE(1) FREE(2) FREE(1) FREE(1) FREE(2)
Fitness Equipment 20% OFF FREE FREE 20% OFF FREE FREE
Personalised Online Fitness Portal
Validity 1.5 Months 3 Months 6 Months 1.5 Months 3 Months 6 Months
Booking 72 Hours In Advance 72 Hours In Advance 72 Hours In Advance 72 Hours In Advance 72 Hours In Advance 72 Hours In Advance
Cancellation Of Any Session 48 Hours In Advance 48 Hours In Advance 48 Hours In Advance 48 Hours In Advance 48 Hours In Advance 48 Hours In Advance



1. Health Assessment inclusive of fitness consultation and goal planning (frequency depends on the package).

2. Each sessions consists of an hour of personalised training.

3. Each Client will be assigned with one of JA Bodyworks professional fitness trainer who will conduct the personal training based on proven formula prescribed by our team of fitness & health professionals upon examining the client’s health/fitness condition.